About the Garage Sale Queen
I'm a redneck Martha Stewart (without the stock); a southern Erma
Bombeck (ask your mom, if you don't remember her); a white trash
Rachel Ashwell; and a sweet potato queen kinda-gal before sweet
potato queens were cool.

I've been an artist all my life. But my "real jobs" were mostly in the
non-profit world. I have also been a caregiver for most of my adult
life. It has been Mom, Dad, the son, the grandson or an entire

Well, it seems "my time" has come. Those non-profit years taught
me to create projects and pull off major events on shoestring
budgets. Working with countless volunteers has enabled me to
recognize and cultivate others' talents. It's great; I'm creating
unique, fun art and teaching others to find their own creative nitch.

My style has been called many things. Shabby chic, trash to
treasure, flea market finds, even antiquing. I call it the "
Art of
Recycling." My inspiration comes from what I find. It might be old
dishes from a flea market or a discarded fan cage sitting out on
the curb on trash day. But most of my "inspirations" are found at
Garage Sales. Lord, how I do love Garage Sales. It's the "thrill of
the hunt" and getting a great deal. I've always loved to shop and I've
always loved a bargain.

And I do love to talk. I've shared my imaginative ideas with folks
throughout the South.  Gotta group?
Let's talk!

And I absolutely adore commission orders. Special gifts or  
personal art for your business or garden made with recycled
Go Green. Purchase art from found objects!
Contact me for more info.
Garage Sale Queen
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Garage Sale Queen
Kandy Jones

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Garage Sale Queen
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