Kandy Jones * Artist Statement
Utilizing pieces of our lives in every detail of my work. I explore the
world around me and recycle it into something new and unexpected
with any materials I find.

The limitless ways of doing mosaic sculpture offer a wealth of
possibilities for realizing whatever is driving my ideas, and set up
fun challenges to push my technical creativity.

I love combining mosaic elements with other sculptural elements
such as hypertufa, concrete, or polymer clay. It is the textures and
the colors that draw me in—the need to create something that
moves, converses with, surprises, and even amuses, the viewer.
You are supposed to stand away from a painting to get the whole
picture and capture the feeling that the artist put into his work. It’s the
opposite in mosaic sculpture. You are drawn closer and sometimes
even tempted to try and touch what you see. You stare, admire, and
discover over and over again. Mosaic sculptures take your eyes and
emotions on an artistic journey.

Mosaic sculpture has broadened my view of what art is.  It has given
me the desire to go beyond the two-dimensional surface and seek
the third dimension. It has opened my eyes to possibilities that I
never knew existed and abilities I never knew were there inside

In turn, I have found teaching others to reach out and explore 3
dimensional work enables my students to tap their inner child. To
fuel their imagination using pieces of their lives.
"Glenda, The Good Witch
Her Golden Years"
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