Commissions Gallery
"Mr. Di" and "Ms. Di"
Arkansas State Butterfly
Mosaic, stained glass, Hypertufa cast leaves
Fountains at the Little Rock River Market Butterfly
Gardens at the entrance of the Amphitheater
Mosaic floor (4 ft. x 5 ft.)
Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau
Shop the Rock Store
Mosaic from found objects
Present for President Clinton
from his staff at the Clinton Library
Garden Tables
Mosaic from found objects
including broken items from
the Clinton Museum Store
Clinton Museum Store
"Blues Ball"
Bowling ball mosaic with
broken souvenirs from the
Clinton Museum Store
"I believe in a Plate called Hog"
Mosaic with found objects
"Presidential Pork Chopper"
Mosaic with found objects
Child rocking horse
mosaic with found objects
(one of 2 horses) in the
Christmas display at
Garvan Woodland Gardens
"Rhythm Room"
42 in. Diameter
Hypertufa & Mosaic with found objects
(Private collection)
"High on the Hog"
Mosaic with found objects &
beer bottle tops
(private collection)
"Arkansas Razorback"
(15 in. x 15 in.)
Mosaic with found objects
(private collection)
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Garage Sale Queen
"Fiesta, the Garden Dragon" 3ft by 3 ft.
(private collection)
"Helen, Baby Crow" For The Crow's
new baby girl's nursery
Wedding present for "Julie & Clark"
14" by 14" frame
For Jonah's nursery (was an old peg hanger)
Garvan Woodland Gardens
Denim and Diamonds event
"Zeb's Tree"
this was a special piece I made for the American
Heart Association (the theme for the year was
"Southern Hearts) Each heart represents something
loved by Southern folks.... Watermelon, Nascar, New
Orleans, BBQ, Magnolias, Hunting, fishing, Music,
Crawfish & Catfish.

Zeb was my precious son I lost to a heart defect.
The robin shown in the nest, represents the little
children AHA is able to put back in the nest of their