Got an unusual request? Seen something on this site that intrigues
you? (Be sure and visit
the Gallery.) Of course we do commission work.
That's what we love to do. That's what started this business. The
possibilities are endless. Folks have an idea and we make it a reality.
We relish the wild and seemingly unrealistic.
Email us with a concept.
Let's visit.  

My talented husband, Jimi,
was the technical director of the Arkansas
Arts Center's Children's Theater
, for many years. The man can build
damn near anything!  Twenty years in set design and construction along
with my imagination enables us to create unique, definitely
one-of-a-kind art to enhance your garden or your home.

Here's how it works...
we must visit. I promptly return emails and phone
calls. We collect information. What are the client's interests? Where will
the piece be located? Size and scope? Colors? Incorporation of
personal items? Because we're artists, we are extremely visual.
Pictures and/or a personal visit (in the Arkansas area) help our
inspiration to go from concept to reality. I love email and digital pics. A
written quote with a complete explanation of our process will be
returned to you. Upon receipt of a 50% deposit, we will begin. Of course,
the amount of time for completion of a piece is entirely dependent on the
piece (or number of pieces)...amount of detail, size, weather, curing time
(when applicable) work schedule, and availability of materials.  (Rush
service is sometimes available. Just ask) Shipping costs  vary,
needless to say!

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