December 2012 / Christmas Goodies
Toy Candlestick

•        A banister (5ft.) cut in three pieces.
•        Base is a round piece of plywood but you could use a plate
•        White paint to prime it.
•        Thin Set , tile adhesive
•        Little Christmas decorations
•        Beads
•        Glitter glue
•        Small saucer
•        Tiny tin pan
White thin set (tile adhesive) is smeared on about a 2 square inch
place, at a time, and stick those little ornaments into the adhesive.
Add beads, or other fun items. Repeat until you have covered the
entire piece. Double check for obvious holes but remember …it is
suppose to look like snow between the stuff.
After 24 hours drying time,  take glitter glue and a paint brush and
sparkled the entire piece.
Then glue the top saucer and any other goodies to the top.
A search and find candlestick!