The Garage Sale Queen has been doing presentations, forever!
For years, it was in her "real job" environment. As an
experienced speaker, she always receives rave reviews. She
can do a full day workshop or just a quickie presentation for your
group or club. And she has great ideas that will unlock folks' very
own creativity. She LOVES gardening. She LOVES bargains.
She LOVES the
"art of recycling". The Queen has combined her
passions into great presentations that are informative,
enlightening, entertaining, and damn funny. Each presentation
is customized for your individual group. And you can count on
lots of pictures and audience participation.

The Queen is very receptive to custom presentations for specific
group needs. Give her a call or email her. Prices vary dependent
on locations, time, and needed materials.
Garage Sale Queen
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Garage Sale Queen
Kandy Jones

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